HydroShot Bottle

 It's the cap that makes the difference. There is no stopper to pull up and push down, it has a unique one-way valve cap. Just, squeeze for water, release to close!


HydroShot Silicone Valve Cap


Our patented valve technology is designed to flow through the center and vent around the sides incorporating a diaphragm that absorbs impact to minimize leakage when dropped or shaken. One of the distinct benefits of this system is that the valve has a variable output. The design allows for a more controlled flow; when the bottle is squeezed gently the flow is low and increases with the intensity of the squeeze.

  • Stock bottle colors: Clear, White

  • Cap colors: Black or Clear

  • Custom Bottle Colors: 16 other colors are available with a minimum order of 1,050. ( $0.20 up-charge per bottle)


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